NLP & Coaching

Personal Coaching

The coaching context offers a way of creating personal and professional alignment for individuals, opens up possibilities, taps into inner resources and develops a deeper stronger sense of self.

Personal Coaching is for everyone who wants to gain clarity on what they want from life (personally and professionally), take action, build in accountability and celebration.

Coaching is a powerful process, facilitating people to achieve deep change, in a safe and supportive environment, where the coach and client work in partnership. It allows people to access their inner resources, to see clearly what they want, to change self-sabotaging behaviours, to unleash their inner energy and drive, take action and get the results they want.

For Whom: Coaching is for people who sense they are not getting what they want from life, or for those who feel stuck, or know what they want but can not bridge the gap between now and their goal. Coaching is also for those who wish to celebrate their achievements and challenge themselves to improve.

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For Coaches and Mentors

Masterful coaches coach from who they are and coach the who of their client, they are true models of excellence for their clients – masters of their chosen craft. They achieve powerful results with their clients, and strive continually to deliver with integrity, excellence and professionalism in their field.

We have trained and coached many coaches from different coaching backgrounds to truly develop their competence, confidence and excellence, personally and professionally, through NLP.

“This course has fundamentally changed my approach to coaching.  It has given me the skills, frameworks and most importantly the state of mind that enables me to work far more effectively with my clients.  Doing this course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.

James Sweetman, Executive & Personal Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

NLP offers coaches the next level in coaching excellence, this includes powerful processes and methodologies for working with clients, facilitating clients to release self-sabotaging blocks, access powerful inner resources and grow into their true potential. Our NLP coaches have used the NLP programmes to:

  • Become clear on their own set of beliefs, values and identity as coaches which in turn has opened up new possibilities and directions
  • Experience NLP coaching to release un-useful self-limitations and blocks which were getting in their way
  • Experience and develop a toolbox of NLP techniques and processes to facilitate their clients on an on-going basis

Certified Courses Available

NLP Diploma – Pathway to Success

NLP Practitioner Certification Programme – Journey to Excellence

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Programme – Journey to Mastery

mBIT Coach Certification

Short Courses Available

Presenting Powerfully

Facilitating with Ease