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Before I heard about mBIT, I was looking for a coaching tool-set that would benefit me as a coach. On a personal level, I was searching for a deeper understanding of myself and for improvement in my ability to think clearly and effectively, to make empowering decisions and to act with confidence. When I learned that mBIT is the ideal partner for NLP, I knew deep down that this was the next step for me.

I am astonished how much mBIT delivered in only 4 days. I’ve never experienced any other training quite like it. The trainers were amazing and the transformations I witnessed and experienced were out of this world. I love how the integration of my 3 brains (head, heart, & gut) means I now know exactly what I want and how to get it. I feel energized to deliver my clients some of the powerful results which I have experienced in my life. It delivered on all my expectations and more. Thanks to mBIT I have overcome confusion and clouded-thinking. I now live with a renewed energy, excitement, and belief in myself that I never even knew existed. I feel like nothing can stop me. mBIT changed my life forever. Thank you.

Dr. Michael O’GradyPhD, mBIT & NLP practitioner.

This course has fundamentally changed my approach to coaching. It has given me the skills, frameworks and most importantly the state of mind that enables me to work far more effectively with my clients. Doing this course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

James SweetmanExecutive & Personal Coach and NLP Master Practitioner