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Why the NLP Master Prac?

You’ve already gained considerable experience and insight into what is possible by learning through NLP.  You’ve made significant changes and are thinking about new possibilities, wanting to explore even more exciting material and expanding and embedding your knowledge and skills.

Undertaking your Master Practitioner training is one way of tapping into your commitment to deepening, developing and integrating your NLP skills to an even higher level of competency.  Mastery implies much more than simply having skill using NLP patterns and processes, it means being able to choose when and how to detect, uncover and understand the basic structure of experience – yours and others, combining with your personal style and creativity to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  Embodying congruence through Self-Mastery and Modelling Excellence are core themes that run through this programme.

This programme is certified by INLPTA.  If  you have not completed an INLPTA NLP Practitioner Certification we will have a conversation with you around the material you’ve learned in your practitioner certification, your NLP experience to date and we’ll also require a copy of your Certification.  The following are some of the benefits our Master Practitioners have shared with us:-

  • Becoming more proficient at detecting what really matters to people at the level of beliefs and values, which means you’ll be able to assist, lead and influence (ethically) others even more effectively
  • Learn modelling skills, allowing you to replicate your own successes and the successes of the most effective people in your field
  • Mastering even more essential tools for change and transition
  • Embodying knowledge, skill and experience

Why not consider joining us in October for a year of learning, development and growth, whilst apply your learning on the ground in your professional and personal life?

What we cover – big picture!

The course takes place online, 12 modules over the course of 12 months (144 online classroom hours).  This allows ample time for you to practice and integrate your learning and complete your modelling project.

We’ll explore the following over the course:-

  • Modeling – elicitation, explication, replication, transfer, utilisation
  • Metaprograms – elicitation, calibration, utilisation, change, flexibility
  • Values (Criteria) – elicitation, calibration, clarification, utilisation, change work
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Advanced Submodality Work
  • Advanced Milton Model
  • Beliefs – ability to detect, install, change and utilise
  • Advanced patterns and techniques

The assessment criteria for the NLP Master Practitioner is as follows:-

  • Degree of integration, mastery and elegance with all NLP Practitioner Skills
  • Degree of integration of NLP Master Practitioner Process Skills
  • Degree of integration of NLP Master Practitioner Content Knowledge and Skills

Certification requirements include successfully meeting the INLPTA competency standards requirements (assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the course) and the successful completion of the following:-

  • Written assessment for intellectual integration
  • Behavioural assessment for behavioural integration
  • Case study documentation Personal/Professional Application Report


Master Prac : Sat & Sun

  • Dates TBA, a total of 12 modules
  • Clearer Communication

  • Multiple Perspectives

  • Facilitating Change

  • Honing Leadership Skills

  • A suite of Tools & Techniques

Additional funding support may apply!

You may be eligible for funding support (terms and conditions apply) – contact Bernie for further information.


INLPTA accredited trainer

INLPTA NLP Master Prac

Contact Bernie to discover more about how the NLP Master Prac Cert will build on your current NLP knowledge, skills and attitudes

Bernie Rogers

Bernie discovered NLP in 2006 and realised that it fit beautifully with how she was training.  With great excitement she discovered additional NLP attitudes, tools, techniques and most especially experienced the joy of the various language models.  Bernie loves continually learning and understanding more about how we ‘do’ ourselves, how we influence others and how to build stronger relationships, understanding and flexibility.

INLPTA NLP Master Prac

You will be supported during the training by Bernie and a mentor/mentors.  Bernie is also available by email and phone in between modules to offer support and clarification.   Between modules you’ll experience pairs/triad practice, answer questions designed to assist you in embedding your knowledge and enjoy designing and implementing your modelling project.


January 12
8:50 am - 4:30 pm
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