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The Practitioner Certification

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful body of knowledge about how the human body/mind works. Learning through NLP allows us to discover for ourselves how our patterns of thinking affect our behaviour, our emotions, our feelings, our outcomes and our life experiences. Applying the principles of NLP will enable you to access your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources, to create your own destiny.

During our Practitioner Certification you will build on what you’ve learnt in the Diploma (which is a pre-requisite) and add new knowledge and skills and additional tools & techniques to enhance your communication abilities, your understanding and influencing skills (ethically), to effect change and achieve the results you want personally and professionally.

Who is NLP for?

The NLP Practitioner Certification is for all those who wish to further develop their NLP knowledge and skill.  So if you work with others and and want to refine your communication skills and change management abilities and/or fall into any of the following categories, then the Practitioner Certification may be for you.

Managers, Team Leaders, Mentors who want to have the competitive edge as a result of improved communication and awareness skills.

Professional Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists, People Helpers who wish to assist their clients to tap into their internal resources.

Educators, Trainers, Facilitators who would like to bring their sessions to a whole new level, assisting learners to link and use their new knowledge, skill and expertise to achieve greater success.

Individuals who want to develop personally and challenge themselves to reach greater heights personally and professionally.


  • Induction Jan 2024
  • Module 1 Jan
  • Module 2 Feb
  • Module 3 Mar
  • Module 4 May
  • Module 5 Jun
  • Module 6 Aug
  • Module 7 Sept
  • Module 8 Oct
  • Module 9 Nov
  • Module 10 Dec

Note: One or two of the above may take place face to face in a venue – to be confirmed

  • Clearer Communication

  • Multiple Perspectives

  • Facilitating Change

  • Honing Leadership Skills

  • A suite of Tools & Techniques

Additional funding support may apply!

You may be eligible for funding support (terms and conditions apply) – contact Bernie for further information.


INLPTA accredited trainer

INLPTA NLP Practitioner

Contact Bernie to discover more about how the NLP Practitioner Certification will work for you professionally (& personally)

The training is delivered in modules to facilitate integration and applied learning. We use a lively variety of formats suited to all learning styles. These include whole group presentation by the trainer, small group exercises, large group exercises, demonstrations, pair and triad practice – practical skill-building work, and discussion to facilitate generative learning.

Bernie Rogers

Bernie discovered NLP in 2006 and realised that it fit beautifully with how she was training.  With great excitement she discovered additional NLP attitudes, tools, techniques and most especially the range of language models, bringing her communication skills to deeper levels.  Bernie approaches her training with a quite joy and passion for the information she is sharing and loves to see the light ‘go on’ in participants’ eyes when something lands or goes click internally and they ‘get it’ (whatever ‘it’ that might be!)

INLPTA NLP Practitioner

To facilitate optimum learning and ensure quality supervised practice, we have a team of qualified mentors who provide individual support and guidance during each module.

You’ll be supported on the course and between modules by Bernie.  Also between modules there are skill-building and knowledge embedding assignments for you to enjoy completing.


January 27, 2024 @ 8:50 am
December 1, 2024 @ 5:00 pm
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