The power of your smile! I thought this would be a nice one to start off the weekend with. How about remembering to remember to smile at all those you meet this weekend and to smile even when you are on your own, maybe externally and definitely internally. Then notice what you are noticing for yourself and the effect on others.

It’s not always easy to smile, particularly when we are down in the dumps, or when we watch the news or read the newspapers, or when we consider all that is going on in the world at the moment. However, we can spread a moment of happiness for ourselves and others when we smile. We’ll never know what ripples our smile will cause.

The power of a smile – when my mother was really ill in hospital, during and whilst COVID lock-downs were still happening, I had permission for a quick visit and was feeling quite sad about how she was doing. Two people got into the lift and one of them caught my eye, gave a gentle smile and said a quiet hello, that person will never know how much that smile meant to me. It helped me change my state and two years later I still smile when I think of that moment. Interestingly enough everyone was still wearing face-masks at the time and despite that smile shone through in their eyes and their voice. For weeks after that I tested the power of a smile from behind a face-mask and discovered that young children and older people responded much more easily and quickly to a smile from behind a mask. Even now I notice that there’s somewhat of an age group difference to the responses I get when I smile at folks.

Maybe you’ll exercise your smile over the weekend and notice how one smile spreads!  You might never know the power of your smile.